Why the “Cash Me Outside” Girl Is So Problematic

Written by on 10 February 2017

After seeing the “Cash Me Outside” girl in the new Kodak Black video ruffling through stacks, sitting in sexualized positions and giving the finger, enough is enough. The “Cash Me Outside” girl is a huge part of what’s wrong with modern American culture for several reasons. First of all, she’s being celebrated for having no real discernible talent, unless you think extreme ignorance and lack of education should be lauded. Secondly, once again, she’s trying to capitalize on a form of “blackness” by using hurtful, ugly stereotypes, such as speaking incorrectly, getting into fights at whim, being viewed as hyper-sexual and just being overall ratchet. She’s a prime example of what America doesn’t need. We already have the Kardashian Krew, hordes of reality “stars” and overnight Internet sensations. There doesn’t need to be another young woman who is thrust into a spotlight, for which she obviously isn’t ready for or deserving of, to be the mark for which others match themselves against. Let “Cash Me Outside” fade into the sunset and be forgotten. How about dah?

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