Where’s the Love for the Local Artists?

Written by on 14 March 2017

Music connects people like almost no other force. Music sets the soundtrack to life. Music is the force that propels culture forward. With all the power that music carries, it’s not surprising that artists behind the music are put in the forefront, but unfortunately, it is all too often the same elite group of artists. Where’s the love for the local artists? Where’s the love for the artists out in the trenches, hustling, grinding, working, trying to get their name and music out there? The artists in your neighborhood with your shared experiences who are trying to introduce your stories to a wider community often go ignored. But, you have the power to stop it. It’s simple – support your local artists. Listen to their mixtape. Stream their latest project. Check out their videos. Share on social media. Attend a show. It’s simple – support is the new black. Show some love, show some support – it’s just that simple.

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