What the Hell Does Donald Trump Have to Lose by Talking Directly to Black Voters?

Written by on 25 August 2016

Last week, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made the bold proclamation, “What the hell do black voters have to lose?” by voting for him. Now, the question is, “What the hell does Donald Trump have to lose by directly talking to black voters?” It can’t be pure coincidence that Trump spoke to a predominantly white audience as he trounced over and derided the black community for bad schools, low unemployment, high incarceration rates and the like. If he wants black people to take a leap of faith with him by giving him their precious votes, then Trump needs to come to our communities and on our platforms and address us directly.

C’mon, Donald, we’re waiting for you, and in fact, Tha Afterparty Radio would be more than happy to open up our platform to you!

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