#TellUsHowYouReallyFeel …What Is Your Deal Breaker In ANY Relationship

Written by on 19 July 2013

We’ve all heard the catch-phrase “deal-breaker,” as it pertains to romantic relationships. It’s an empowering reminder for people to strive for higher standards in relationships. But why does this idea only pertain to sexual relationships? Shouldn’t we have standards for all relationships? Like friendships? Business relationships?  We can’t pick our sisters or brothers, but we can decide if they’re our friends. Discretion will rid you of unhealthy influences, and spare you much heartache. If the person you were dating treated you badly you’d end the relationship, right? Well, the same should be said about friendship. #ThaAfterparty Radio came up with a few friend deal-breakers:

1.) They talk shit about other friends. Because chances are, they’re talkin’ shit about you. BTW there is a difference between gossip/talkin’ shit vs. exchanging ideas and concern regarding another person. The point is, whatever the manner your friends chat about other people, is how they’re talking about you… so if you don’t like their disposition, politely excuse yourself from the table.

2.) They imitate you. Haven’t you seen Single White Female?!?!?!

3.) They get angry at your success. Seems like an obvious one and yet it pervades so many relationships. If your friend doesn’t want success for you, that meansthey hate themselves, plain and simple. You might feel sorry for them, which makes you hide your light when you’re around them (but that’s not healthy.) If you care for them, don’t hide your light under a bushel; tell them they need to learn to love themselves (so they can love you.) If that doesn’t work— step away. Slowly.
4.) They freak out at you for no reason. Occasional meltdowns are normal (we all have our days,) but and if this becomes a pattern where it’s always aimed at YOU, they probably love drama. Maybe at first you’re their safety from drama but eventually you’ll be in their storyline— with you written as a villain.
5.) They’re passive-aggressive. You don’t have time for this; life is short. As individuals if we are upset it’s our responsibility to let our feelings known. A good friend will be honest with you when they’re upset and relieve you from worry or guilt.

6.) They don’t listen to ThaAfterparty Radio!!! 


OK… so this one may not pertain to anyone else but us, but If you’re not rocking with ThaAfterparty,  I just feel like you’re mean.What’s yr problem? Our hosts bring the best topics and music, plus we’re positive and fun- stop being a hater. I’m sorry. Deal-breaker.

#TellUsHowYouReallyFeel …What are the qualities that you must have in a relationship? What are the behaviors that you simply can’t stand? TUNE IN TO YOUR FAVORITE SHOW AND BE A VIRTUAL CO-HOST BY CALLING IN ON THE TOPIC OR HEAR YOUR COMMENTS READ ON AIR!!!

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