(Un)Like Father, (Un)Like Son: Is Every Father-Son Relationship Worth Saving?

Written by on 6 February 2017

It’s no secret that rapper 50 Cent and his now-adult son, Marquise, don’t have the best of relationships. The contentious relationship between the two has, in fact, played itself all over social media. When things are so public, it’s no surprise that guess what – the public wants to get involved. Fans, haters, “experts” and anybody with an Internet connection want to give the two advice on how to mend their torn binds.

However, Marquise isn’t having it anymore and has taken to Instagram to pointedly say: “Can you guys please stay out of my DMs and comments asking me to reach out? Last time I checked I was blocked, so take that elsewhere. Please and thank you.”

Viewing the father-son relationship as one of the strongest possible and as a bedrock of society, it’s no wonder that most people want to see such a seemingly important relationship mended. However, there are times, when no matter the relationship, it’s not worth saving. Especially when it comes to familial ties, it’s hard for outsiders to have the full picture and fully understand what’s going on behind closed doors or off the screen.

Question is: Is every father-son relationship worth saving? Is it okay to give unsolicited advice for familial relationships? Or is it up to the entire community to help bond families and keep them together?

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