Trump’s 1st Birthday in White House…Maybe Last in Oval Office?

Written by on 14 June 2017

Today is officially President Trump’s first birthday in the highest office in the land. But, will it be his last in the White House? The 71-year-old is fighting push back from both sides of the aisle, across the county and even on the world stage. The unorthodox prez is caught square in the middle of a bristling and erupting Russian investigation, which saw the likes of contentious testimony of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was in the hot seat yesterday in the Senate. There are rumors that special counsel to the Russian investigation is on the throes of getting fired and the punches keep on coming.

Now, there are several lawsuits that have been filed or on the0t verge of being filed. There’s one involving the attorneys general from D.C. and Maryland who allege Trump’s accepting of foreign payment to his businesses is in violation of the Constitution. Along those lines, approximately 200 Democratic congress members plan to sue the president, alleging his unconstitutional acceptance of foreign payments. “This is the greatest number of congressional plaintiffs on any single lawsuit against our president in the nation’s history,” said U.S. Representative John Conyers, one of the leading plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

With all this going on, plus new suits, bombshells, innuendo and leaks on a daily basis, will Trump make it to another White House b-day or even another year in office? #TellUsHowYouFeel

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