Tricks, Trans Ban and Tears: Trump Done Done it Again

Written by on 27 July 2017

Just when you think it couldn’t be done, Trump done done it again and topped even our worst expectations. Wednesday was a particularly peculiar day even by Trump standards. Between the out-of-left-field tweets, yes, tweets, barring transgender individuals from any aspect of military service to him publicly beefing with his own attorney general to the weirdly worded “Pickle” letter read at the White House briefing, Trump has left us more baffled than ever before.

The country is left with more questions than answers with the trans ban. When it goes into effect, how current men and women will be affected and more are left up in the air per usual Trump style. Maybe some more half-baked tweets will come out to contradict and muddy the insensitive and damning original tweets.

For the past week, Trump has been on a warpath against the AG he chose, Jeff Sessions. Yes, Sessions is a piece of work in and of himself, but you would think the president would extend a little more graciousness, decency and manners when discussing a senior member of his own administration.

And, the “Pickle” letter – where to begin? Starting off the first briefing in so many weeks where cameras were allowed back in with a weepy, sentimental Sarah Huckabee Sanders was enough to make you roll your eyes. But when she read that FAKE letter from a supposed 9-year-old named Dylan, AKA Pickle, that just sent Twitterverse into a frenzy. Always one to uplift himself no matter the odds stacked against him, Trump seemingly wrote the letter to point out just how unfair the “fake media” and the “whiny, weak left” hate him and target him.

What do you say about an alleged president who divides the country, spews hate, lies, manipulates and fakes adoration – SAD!

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