To Spare the Rod or Use the Rod, How Far is Too Far with Discipline?

Written by on 12 March 2015

Okay, at this point we’ve probably all heard about the whole Angie Stone incident. In case, you missed it, here’s a little rundown: Angie got hit with aggravated assault charges for getting into a fight with her daughter, 30-year-old Diamond. They got into an altercation when Angie demanded that Diamond clean her room since Diamond lives with Angie. She also told Diamond to control her kids since they were running around half-naked. From there, the story differs and it’s more she say-she say. Diamond says that Angie attacked first and Angie said that Diamond attacked first. However, the end result was Angie hitting Diamond in the mouth with a metal jewelry stand and that’s when the two were separated.

Now, even though this is a family situation and probably should be handled privately, it does bring to mind questions about disciplining children, how far is too far and what’s appropriate. Granted, Angie Stone’s daughter is 30 years old, but she’s still her child and a reasonable person would probably think that hitting someone in the mouth with a metal rod is going too far. On the other hand, a lot of parents can probably understand where Angie’s coming from. She has her grown daughter living with her, her children are seemingly running wild and the room is messy and this possibly could’ve been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Let’s be real — sometimes parents get frustrated, sometimes they get overwhelmed, sometimes they go a little too far. No matter what the situation, the parent has to live with the actions and the consequences. Sometimes parent and child can move forward, sometimes it causes an irreparable rift.

For some people, spanking a child is too much. For some people, “whipping” a child is all the discipline they know and that’s how they grew up. That’s what their mama did and their mama’s mama and so forth. Some people think that hitting a child in any manner is straight up abuse. Some people think a spanking is the difference between setting a child on the right path and a child going down a disastrous road.

What is your take on disciplining a child? How far is too far? What’s proper discipline? Where do you draw the line? Is it ever okay to physically discipline a child? Weigh in and #TellUsHowYouReallyFeel


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