#TimeOutThursday: Trick Daddy Needs a Timeout

Written by on 27 October 2016

Who needs a #TimeOutThursday? Trick Daddy needs a time out! A few days ago, he went on a tirade to tell black women how they need to “tighten up” because Spanish and white women will take their place if they don’t get right. Whoa, whoa, Trick Daddy, black women don’t need your advice and divisive words. At this point, we should be past grouping and stereotyping all black women as “angry” or “ghetto” or “difficult.” We should be past pitting one group of women against each other. We should be past black men taking out their anger and frustration against black women. And, we should be past hearing the childish antics of a damn near 50-year-old washed-up rapper whose best days are about 20 years behind him. Trick Daddy, have a time out.

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