Get Up, Get Out and Do Something — Support the Local Artists

Written by on 22 March 2016

Spring is in the air and so is music. What does that mean? It’s time to get up, get out and do something and that includes supporting your local artists. No matter where you live, your town is probably full of talented artists, who aren’t getting their fair share of attention because they’re not receiving the support that they deserve. Just think about all that local talent going to waste. The artists that’s putting their blood, sweat and tears into performing in front of enthusiastic, yet anemic-looking crowds. And then there’s the artists who can’t even make it to the stage because they think what’s the point of performing if no one is there.

Why is it that people from your very own community can’t get support? It may even be somebody you grew up with, hung out with, or maybe even dabbled in some creative ventures with yourself. Why is that a national artist, who has no connection to you or yours, can put out some of the worst crap ever known to man (I won’t name any names) and still come to your town and draw out thousands of adoring fans? Isn’t it time for all of this to change?

Why not go ahead and make a pledge that this year and every other year is going to be time for the local artist to shine. That talented, burgeoning artist you’ve heard so many good things about, but never ventured out of the door to see. That young rapper, who hustled and toiled to get out her first mixtape, but you’ve never bothered to purchase. That fusion singer, who can blow with the best of them, but you’ve never stopped to listen to his lyrics.

Get out there and start supporting your local artists and showing a little community pride, unity and connectivity. After all, it only takes one loyal fan to start a movement.

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