#ThoughtfulTuesday: Can Religion be a Cop-out?

Written by on 18 April 2017

It’s easy to understand why people seek the comfort of religion for solace in troubling times, in confusing times, in traumatic times and just as understandably, to navigate the world and gain understanding as a thoughtful and decent person. But, can religion just be simply used as a cop-out to avoid taking real action and facing overwhelmingly difficult decisions?


Let’s think about this for a moment. After some especially shocking, horrendous event like a natural disaster, a mass shooting or even an election, some people will say, “Just pray on it,” or “I’m going to leave it to God.” This can be viewed by some as a way of simply checking out. Instead of digging deep, examining the facts and constructing hypotheses through critical thinking in order to find a solution, this person may be seemingly taking an easy route.


While many people believe in the miracle of prayer, are these kinds of statements just a way to avoid personal accountability and not take real action? Should more things be left to a higher power since they are beyond our realm of comprehension and action? Should we learn to take a more hands-off approach?


Weigh in and tell us how you feel.

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