This Wasn’t About Moving America Forward but Turning Back the Clocks

Written by on 9 November 2016

According to polls, it was almost all but impossible for Donald J. Trump to become president of these United States. Madam President Clinton was virtually a shoo-in. So, what in the hell went wrong? How is it possible that a man who built a campaign on anger, hatred, prejudice, bigotry, sexism, Islamophobia and virtually every other ism and phobia? It’s not as hard as we think and part of it has to do with something that too many of us know – this country is the same ol’ country it’s always been. This campaign wasn’t about change and making America great again, it was about turning back the clocks to the “good ol’ days.”

If you look at Trump’s main base, it was angry, uneducated white men who felt that this country’s complexion was turning and they were being left behind. Trump was able to exploit that paranoia to his advantage. Add to that the fact that some people, even 8 years later, couldn’t stomach a black president and the fact that a woman president was preposterous and this was the perfect opportunity for Trump to seize.

Now, we’re stuck in a no-win situation…together. No matter your background, your ethnicity, your gender, your socioeconomic background, we’re going to have to move forward, even though it feels like we are sliding backward. Yes, history has been made, but, unfortunately, we’re on the wrong side of it. How do we move forward with such a splintered, decisive country that Trump himself helped create and exploit? Only time will tell.

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