The Nail Qweenz ‘Nailed’ It at Tha Afterparty

Written by on 15 December 2016

While they may not be household names yet, The Nail Qweenz are well on their way with their bigger-than-life personalities, accomplished lives, and of course, those unforgettable, undeniable nails for days! Introducing themselves to the world, the lovely Nail Qweenz stopped by Tha Afterparty Radio to spill the tea on “Underground Queens” and “Simply Raw” on not only the most important question, “What’s up with those nails,” but also about their personal lives, including all the trials, tribulations and internal problems that these ladies have triumphed and ‘nailed.’

Known to the social media world with their more than 5 million views within a matter of months, these ladies are showing that they are more than just their nails, but are instead living and breathing examples of distinctiveness, uniqueness, individuality, which leads to the self-confidence and self-esteem that they exude. With a reality show in the stars, The Nail Qweenz are a “sisterhood is stronger than nail glue,” and Tha Afterparty was honored to have them on and introduce them to listeners before they “claw their way into hearts and homes everywhere.”

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