Tha Afterparty Radio Featured Artist of the Week: Classik Mussik

Written by on 13 April 2018

A real heavyweight in the game, Classik Mussik owes his 18+ years in the industry to owning his distinctive style and sound, which incorporates various genres. According to Classik, “Ain’t no telling what you gonna hear from me.” He derives his classic, yet contemporary sound on the belief that “all humans have many different emotions and it’s dangerous mentally and psychologically to represent yourself like you only feel one thing.” Around music his entire life, he has a special affinity for gospel and soul. Beginning his professional career in 2004, some of his most memorable moments include writing in front of his mother and watching her gift passed to him, accepting her opinions, and taking his music to places neither one could imagine. Along with his musical acumen and career blossoming, Classik watched his son thrive in tandem with them side-by-side in the studio. Highlights of his career working with Jamie Foxx, Yo Gotti, working on the “Amazing Spiderman,” and writing, producing, and performing the theme, “This Love,” for a Ron Howard short film.

According to Classik, “The fans get my true honest feelings about it all in my music, what they can relate to and those that they can’t relate to but are intrigued by the lessons I learned. They gonna get something real from the heart, from the streets, my thoughts, God, family, everything, but straight, real 100%.” Classik just dropped his new single, “Regular,” and the “Regular Remix” with Yella Beezy and will be dropping his new EP, “I Hope They Understand.” He’s gearing up for his first big-budget album, “Heavy.” Classik wants to leave his fans with this, “Many new big things coming my way and I think all my fans and followers will love and be ready for, it’s only right we progress and grow together.”

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