Tell Us How You Really Feel-Should the Government Make Vaccinations Required or Should It Remain A Parents Choice?

Written by on 12 August 2019

The Anti-vax movement over the past few years has been a topic of controversy, with the return of the Measles and other once eliminated diseases to the debate of if the government should regulate and monitor the vaccination of children has raised concerns of the children and parents around the world.  This is because of the universal concept that it is a parent’s right to choose for their child. With this slippy slope of a topic, we at the Afterparty radio wants to know, should the government control and regulate the vaccination of children or should the parent’s continue to choose for their child. Tell us how you really feel on our social media sites, calling your response on Side A, Side B, or the Westside, or answer below. Your response s may end up on the air! All tea no shade

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