Tell Us How You Really Feel: Should Low-Income Students Go to College?

Written by on 19 August 2019

With the new semester beginning for college students, freshman students are entering into the college life style. Students from different backgrounds and lifestyles entering into the world of higher education. However, as the cost of university tuition and college expenses continue to increase, should low-income student attend college or universities? As of last year, there was a tweet that circulated on my college campus that spoke about people who cannot afford to attend college should not be allowed to go. The person who had created the tweet had attended the university and received backlash from many of the people who are low-income and is obtaining their degrees in varying careers and programs. However, is this person correct for making this statement, that if someone who cannot inherently afford college they should not attend? Or is this person just wrong? Tell us how you really feel on our social media sites, calling your response on Side A, Side B, or the Westside, or answer below. Your response s may end up on the air! All tea no shade 

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