Tell Us How You Really Feel: Should Illegal immigrants be deported regardless of if they are seeking sanctuary in the United States or Should there be updated procedures to keep them in the United States?

Written by on 29 July 2019

Since the shift from the Obama Administration to the Trump Administration, there has been a steady increase of ICE activities and deportation strategies in many parts of the United States some reports including family members snitch out their other family members, or creating pages or websites to identify them as well. For a bit of history about ICE, the organization ICE began on March 2003 as a law enforcement group to combat potential terrorism, transnational crime such as drug and human trafficking and other illicit activities, and handle immigration enforcement. This includes arresting people who are overstaying visas, or living in the United States illegally without documentation of any kind. However, as of the media coverage, the organization has been reported as separating Hispanic and Mexican families residing in the United States and placing many children in reported “inhuman conditions,” or sending the children and parents back to Mexico despite the individuals seeking refuge in the United States. The question of this week is, should people who come into the United States illegally be punished with deportation regardless of if the people who arrived in America too seek refuge from their home country or not, or should there be new laws and procedures to combat deportation, or do you not care and it is not your problem to worry or concern yourself about. Tell us how you really feel on our social media sites, calling your response on Side A, Side B, or the Westside, or answer below. Your response s may end up on the air! All tea no shade

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