Surviving the Holidays Afterparty Style

Written by on 23 November 2016

The holiday season is here, so that means it’s time for family, friends, food and fun. Yes, but not so fast. But what if your family gets on your last nerves? Or what if your friends are too needy? Or what if the person’s cooking food leaves much to be desired? Well, Tha Afterparty has your back with a quick and easy guide to surviving the holidays.

  • Thin out that Christmas list by eliminating those people in your family you really don’t like anyway.
  • I’m not saying you should walk on eggshells, but don’t start nothing. If everyone is having a good time, don’t try to ruin it with whatever BS you on. You can stay at home for that.
  • Just because you don’t eat chilins don’t make you uppity and don’t feel guilty if other people try to call you out on it. Stay true to you!
  • Most importantly of all, take some time for yourself. Family and friends are all good, but you still need to enjoy some alone time.
  • Oh, yeah, and drink, drink a whole lot.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays from Tha Afterparty Radio!

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