Strippers: Truth & Misconceptions on “Talking Dirty After Dark”

Written by on 22 July 2016

When you think of a stripper what comes to mind? Do you think of a sensual dancer using the body to entertain and inspire or do you think of somebody taking their clothes off for money? Regardless of what comes to mind, it’s time to enter the world of stripping. A world where the body is used as an instrument of art and stripping is seen as an art form. In fact, forget everything you may have thought about stripping—just cast away those misconceptions. “Talking Dirty After Dark” is going to open your mind with this week’s show, “Strippers: Truth & Misconceptions.” With special guest, Glam, also known as the Exotic Ballerina, Caramel ViXxXen and D Nasty will break down the misconceptions and spread the truth about strippers. Join the always-entertaining convo on Sunday, 8 – 10 pm on Tha Afterparty Radio on the B Side. Of course, it’s no fun without your calls and comments, so don’t be shy. See ya at the party!



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