Stop Hating and Let that Ex Go on the Next “UnCommonCents”

Written by on 23 May 2017

Ready to break up the humdrum of a Wednesday? All you have to do is tune into “UnCommonCents” for a mid-week pick-me-up with a big show on deck! The show is helping you make “Cents” of it all and why you need to realize your ex is no longer your mate and is free to be with whomever they want, including your associates/friends! What?! Yes, you heard us right! How legitimate is the unwritten law of dating and the “Do Right Rule” in society? Plus, stay tuned for The TOP 10, Hump Day Magic and we’ll dive into a gang of other stuff made just for your ears! Don’t miss your opportunity to win the Throwback of the Night giveaway, as well. Follow the show on Facebook Live from inside the studio, and as always, tune in via the app. As always, your phone calls are more than welcome at 972-591-8272 and we can discuss it! See ya at the party! #UncommonCents #DebateIt #ThaAfterParty #RulesAfterTheBreakUp #UnwrittenCode #CanYouHandleIt #SpeakOnIt #PettyPostOfTheWeek #HumpDayMagic #Top10 #FacebookLive #InStudio #TuneIn #CallUs #ThrowbackOfTheNight

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  1. Shalena   On   24 May 2017 at 2:49 pm

    My current bf and I meet in 2015 because of his friendship with my little cousin, who’s younger. We hooked up, and a week later he told me that he thinks that he has feelings for my cousin. So okay….we broke up, and he moved on with her. I was upset then I was like okay if that’s what u THINK u want go ahead. They broke up months later. In May 2016 we link up to hang out, and he wanted another chance to be my man. We’ve been together ever since. My little cousin was upset at first but now things are cool. Love is love you can’t stop it. No matter how strong the friendship or former relationship was if their happiness is with someone who is a friend or family…. Let It Be!

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