Stay Aware and Be in the Know About HIV with Simply Raw Radio

Written by on 9 June 2016

Let’s look at the positive first: there’s been great strides in HIV research and treatment. Now, the negative: but we have a long way to go and much more work to be done. The disease’s effects can be staggering and even more so for minorities, women and the socioeconomically disadvantaged. You may not know it, but you can make a huge difference, all by yourself, just by getting tested. Not only will you be made aware of your own status, but you can protect your partner and your surrounding community by not unknowingly spreading the disease. Simply Raw Radio stays aware and wants to help you, too. That’s why the ladies are dedicating its Monday, June 13 show to HIV awareness, keeping you informed and in the know. Join the ladies on the B side from 8 – 10 pm on Tha Afterparty Radio. See ya at that party!

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