Should We Celebrate Yet Another Black Man Caught Up in the Criminal Justice System?

Written by on 15 March 2016

So, the “Hot Felon” has been released and once again, the Internet has gone crazy. As a free man, Jeremy Meeks came out of prison with a lot more opportunity than a normal ex-con would. After all, he has the light-colored eyes and penetrating, dangerous kind of gaze in his original mugshot that women were going crazy for. He’s even rumored to be embarking on a modeling career thanks to Michael Ealy-ish looks.

Good looks aside, why are we celebrating another black male felon? The number of black men currently incarcerated are staggering and people like CNN and TMZ and more are dedicating time and energy into a man that’s not that any different than all the others in the criminal justice system. Why are other black men not getting these opportunities? They come out of jail and end up on the streets, jobless and/or back to criminal activity. Shouldn’t we look past Jeremy’s looks and see what turned him into a felon in the first place? Shouldn’t we, as a society, try harder to keep black males out of the prison pipeline in the first place?

Celebrating criminality is helping no one, especially not Jeremy Meeks, and most definitely not other black men caught up in the system.

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