Should Musicians Be Segregated Based on Sexuality?

Written by on 1 June 2017

Music is music and fans are fans, right? Not so much in the case of singer Tank who has been ridiculed, mocked and questioned since his performance at a Pride event over the weekend. Performing shirtless in front of a crowd of gay men, of course, the inevitable questioning of his sexuality came into play. Even some of his biggest supporters came to turn their backs on the performer where many felt that wasn’t the appropriate environment for him. This is nothing new since whenever a supposed straight man does anything to call his sexuality into question, there’s usually intense backlash.

Given the black community’s complicated and often hostile relationship with the gay community, it shouldn’t be that surprising that there is so much uproar. While some may claim to abhor homosexuality due to Biblical reasons, others may claim that homosexuality is breaking up the “traditional black family,” while others may have more dubious reasons, such as hiding their own latent feelings.

Despite which camp a person is in regard to sexuality, shouldn’t all people have the chance to enjoy music regardless of their orientation? Is there a rule where gay artists can only perform in gay audiences and straight artists in front of straight crowds? #TellUsHowYouReallyFeel

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