Ready to Protest to Get Boosie’s Jewelry Back That Was Allegedly Stolen by Police?

Written by on 12 April 2017

Trouble and Boosie seem to go hand in hand, and this latest incident is off the charts. The rapper is now claiming that the police robbed him, taking more than $1 million worth of jewelry. Let’s break this bizarre case on down.
It all started when he and some of his family members got kicked out of a mall in Biloxi, Mississippi. Boosie said the loss prevention officer was being “racist” and called him “boy.” The mall cop was allegedly upset that the rapper drew such a large crowd of fans and wanted him out the store. If that wasn’t bad enough, him and his fam got a blast of pepper spray, including his pregnant niece.
After Boosie and company left the mall, his van got pulled over a short time later and the police arrested some of the occupants. At some point while the van was pulled over, the jewelry was allegedly stolen by officers. The cops are on the defense, saying it’s not true, but Boosie is ready for war, saying “it’s on.”
Boosie is encouraging his fans to protest since he sees this as a grave injustice and compares it to the civil rights movement. This is part of his IG message, “Biloxi police has stolen a million dollars in jewelry from me we going protest soon follow my ig for times n dates I need my fans to support this injustice. This is 1968 all over again they trying to take my my jewelry from me this is crazy. When I see my Po Friday I’m asking permission to go to the steps of the Biloxi court with my fans, n lawyers n hold a press conference about this million dollar theft that has been committed. Im sick of the police, the banks stealing my hard earned money I’m just tired I’m tired…”
So many questions around this incident. Do you even believe it? Is it a publicity stunt? If true, would you be willing to march for Boosie and his jewels? Why did he have $1 million in jewelry in a van? What should the police do?
There’s sure to be much more out of this, so we’ll keep our eyes on it like we know you will, too.
Check out the video below:

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