Rap and Blackness Always to Blame…Including for Donald Trump

Written by on 12 October 2016

What does rap music, Donald Trump and sexual assault proclivities have to do one another? In actuality, nothing, but in desperation, everything. Not surprisingly, rap continues to be dragged through the mud for its very essence—unapologetic, raw, unrelenting, oftentimes controversial lyrics. Since Donald Trump can never just take responsibility for his actions or words, ever since the disgusting tape came out that painted him as a sex offender, he has continued to shift the blame to deflect his own personal atonement. This includes a pitbull-in-a-skirt woman in his camp denouncing rap music. Since rap music regularly has tones of misogyny, this is comparable to and paves the way for Trump grabbing and harassing women at will.

The even suggestion that rap bears some connection to Donald Trump is ludicrous. While, unfortunately, many rap lyrics can be viewed as disrespectful to women, they in no way excuse Donald Trump. Any reasonable, decent human being would see huge folly in Trump’s statements. But, in true conservative fashion, the hip-hop culture and anything pertaining to blackness must be brought down to elevate their own sick mindsets. Isn’t it time to stop blaming rap for problems that have been pervasive even before its existence? It’s time to just let rap be.

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