Puff Daddy Had Tupac Killed and 50 Cent Believes It, Do You?

Written by on 5 February 2016

A new documentary has a former LAPD officer fingering Puff Daddy for the murder of Tupac as a hit. Not only that, but former/sometimes rapper, 50 Cent, is calling Puffy out where he believes that the Bad Boy mogul is responsible for the legendary rapper’s death. Since this is speculation and Puffy hasn’t been charged, and likely won’t be, maybe 50 shouldn’t be responding in such a public forum. Anyway it goes, the world lost an immense talent and no amount of finger pointing will ever bring Pac back. Almost 20 years later, no one has been arrested or held responsible, so it’s no wonder that every few years there’s a new theory or suspect.

Do you think Puff Daddy had a hand in Pac’s death? If so, what did he gain? Do you think 50 should’ve spoken on it or is he trying to get some publicity?

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