Protect Your Yourself & Community — National HIV Testing Day

Written by on 27 June 2017

Today is officially National HIV Testing Day. In its 30+ year existence in the public lexicon, this disease has seen such devastating effects, rapid growth, public stigmatization and fear of the unknown than perhaps any disease in modern memory. Known in its early days as the “gay disease,” and vilified for its ties to homosexuality, the disease was largely ignored by the larger society. However, the disease soon started to touch every society with no regard to gender, race, class, ethnicity, which is when the disease started to be recognized for its seriousness.
Research and medical breakthroughs have greatly improved the wellbeing and positive outcomes of HIV/AIDS patients, but, of course, there is still much work to be done. One of the best ways is for every sexually active person to get tested regularly to not only get treatment as soon as possible, but to protect your community and contain future outbreaks.
While testing is scary, it’s better to know your status for better outcomes. For more info about HIV, testing locations and more, you can visit:

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