One-Year Anniversary of the Donald, the Destruction and the Doom

Written by on 20 January 2018

Once upon a time on a dark and dreary day, one year ago today, a man took an oath to uphold the dignity, grace and the Constitution of the greatest land on the planet. But, this man took office under a cloud of suspicion, innuendo, rumors and possibly fraud in a nebulous political environment. This man took office and, since that day, may have singlehandedly changed the course of the most powerful country for years to come, or quite possibly, forever.

Yes, today is the one-year anniversary of Donald J. Trump taking his role as the 45th president of the United States of America and what a year it has been. Between his possible collusion with Russia, his revolving door of a cabinet, his maybe unlawful firing of former FBI director, his undermining of federal agencies and employees, his childish/outlandish Twitter habits, his war against the press, freedom of speech, the NFL, personal foes and decency, his disregard for manners, his penchant for braggadocios behavior, his unwillingness to call out Neo-Nazis and racists, his “shithole” comments and so on and so forth – no matter what side of the aisle you are one – it’s been one hell of a year.

Now, on the anniversary of the “biggest inauguration ever,” the federal government has shut down and as a running theme to his presidency, there’s much uncertainty in the air. Since Trump took office, nothing has quite been the same where there’s been a cataclysmic shift in this country that has both brought together millions of people in hatred of the current president while at the same time deepening divides between the races, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientation, etc.

Now, folks, after one full year under his hefty belt, how would you rate President Donald J. Trump? Sound off and let your voice be heard.



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