One Week After Election, No End of Bitterness in Sight

Written by on 15 November 2016

It’s been a full week since Election Day in America and the same divisiveness, contention and nastiness that characterized this uncharacteristic election has continued post-election day. With bitter battles of words, daily protests, chants of “not my president” and millions of outraged Americans, the election of Donald J. Trump has left more than a bitter taste in the mouths of the citizenry. With no seeming sight in end, many are left with a dreading fear of uncertainty and downright fear.

With minority groups, women, Muslims, immigrants and the LGBT community up in arms with even more doubts than ever before, many are left questioning if America is truly the land of promise and freedom than many had long held dear to. In Trump America’s, we can’t tell what the future holds, but we do know that now more than ever is not the time to quit and fortunately, we do still live in a country where we can take a stand and make our voices heard. Continue to do your part and make sure that America is a land for everybody and not just a select few. The fight is never over.

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