New Year, Same Old Headlines – Police Brutality 2017

Written by on 4 January 2017

While many think of a new year as a fresh new start, there’s still a continuation of headlines we would rather leave in the past, namely new videos of police brutality. A new take on a tired story is the fact that the latest videos on the block feature teen girls being manhandled by officers instead of black men being shot. In one, the girl is body slammed by a male officer. In the other, the girl is sat on and beat on by a female officer. As usual, the brotherhood in blue put out the same statements of “the whole story isn’t out,” “we need to wait for facts,” “officer so and so is on leave as an internal investigation occurs,” so on and so forth. Even in the absence of all facts and the victims’ roles, we can’t deal with another incident of police violence where officers continue to get away with violence, intimidation, harassment and even murder. Just one incident is one too many.

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