Need Cheap Diapers? President Obama Has a Plan for You

Written by on 29 March 2016

Diapers are expensive and seem to be going up all the time. Not only does this hurt children since they may have to keep on diapers for longer in a move to prolong their use, but their families, as well. Lower income people spend more money on diapers than people with more means, which can further hurt their economic position. Looking to change this travesty, President Obama came up with a diaper plan. Basically, a start-up company and a diaper manufacturer will team up to provide lower-cost diapers to non-profits, who will then distribute them to the families who need them most. Thus, these families are provided with a necessity that will save money in the long-run. This program is just beginning, so we have yet to see the outcome but hopefully, this can be the one that makes babies and families just a little bit stronger.

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