Misogyny in the Music Industry: When is Enough Enough?

Written by on 2 August 2017

Each day, there seems to be some new controversy with male artists and their mistreatment of women. Let’s see — we have the Usher spreading herpes to unsuspecting women story, R. Kelly and his long laundry list of misdeeds, but most recently his sex cult allegations, Rick Ross admitting he can’t sign a female rapper without getting sex in return, Z-Ro accused of beating his ex-girlfriend and on and on.
Successful and rich males and their objectification of women is nothing new, of course. It seems that when men reach certain levels, women are seem as commodities, currency, even, to be disposed of at will. But what shouldn’t be new is how the industry and the public seem to turn a blind eye.
Why is it just because a man can sing, dance or rap, he is justified in abusing, using and tossing women away at whim? What do these men have to do to be held accountable for their misdeeds? Is everyone just so blinded by celebrity that they can’t see these are only men who are causing irreparable harm to not only to their victims, but society as a whole?
Think about the little girls growing up influenced by this culture and aware that they’re not seen as valuable, that they’re disposable, that they’re only a “bitch” or a “ho” who has it coming. Is this the message that we really want to keep condoning?

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