Miley’s Remarks are Typical of a Culture Vulture

Written by on 8 May 2017

Miley Cyrus’ recent diss of hip-hop shouldn’t be all that surprising since she’s the typical culture vulture who scavenges, pillages and rapes a culture that doesn’t rightfully belong to her to capitalize and make a name for herself. Miley was never a true hip-hop artist; it was all a gimmick for her, a new layer to her image. With her literally half-ass “twerking,” she became a quasi-hip-hop figure. And per usual, she kept up the charade, appearing in rap videos, hanging out with some of the biggest names in rap, just to what? Take what she needed and dismiss the whole genre?


Of course, artists regularly change their music and image, and nothing is wrong with that. What is wrong is for people like Miley, Iggy, Kid Rock, Justin Timberlake and the likes who use the genre to make a name for themselves since it’s so novel to have white hip-hop artists. Then, once they milk it for what it’s worth, they cast it aside to embrace their white audiences and white privilege.


Hip-hop culture needs to stop embracing these culture vultures. Don’t buy the music. Don’t collaborate. Don’t give them the beats just to make the quick buck for the moment. If they’re not serious about the culture, not willing to make a stand for the people who love and embrace it, they don’t belong in hip-hop, turn them over to country or the likes.

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