Memes and Jokes Fun Until They Turn to Prayers: The Lamar Odom Case

Written by on 15 October 2015

The tragic case of basketball player and reality TV star Lamar Odom is nothing new; it makes headlines all too often. A celebrity who seemingly has it all suffering from private demons that he or she can’t seem to shake them off no matter how many riches, treasures and fame they use to fill the void. We hear the jokes, the stuff that late night show hosts eat up. We see the memes, the comments, “Well, he’s rich, he shouldn’t have any problems” or “It’s his own fault. He has too much money he can get help.” Everybody laughs, makes light of the situation and writes the celebrity off as another drug addict.

Then, the celebrity does one drug one too many times and suddenly it’s not so funny anymore. Prayers, RIP’s, celebrity quotes and well-wishes appear by the thousands. Now all of a sudden, this celebrity is humanized once again despite their fame and fortune.

Lamar Odom isn’t the first and certainly won’t be last but maybe the greater population can start to see every human being, no matter their stature, as flawed and having problems, insecurities, baggage from the past and so forth. Maybe just maybe we can understand that we all share something in common as human beings – imperfection.


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