Mariah — Take Responsibility or Sabotage?

Written by on 2 January 2017

Mariah, Mariah, Mariah — she’s not exactly starting the new year on a bright, new note. In fact, she got stuck on some old, flat notes when her NYE performance was an utter and pathetic failure. Yeah, she’s music royalty, but even she couldn’t sport a crown in that thunderstorm of disaster. And instead of laughing it off and moving on with the obligatory “technical difficulties,” Mimi had to start blaming the production company and not just any, but Dick Clark Productions. She’s basically saying that they set her up for failure. Umm, okay, what? Why would they do that?

But anyway, they basically read her to filth and said it was “absurd” and pointed out that nobody else had the same problem. In fact, a little birdie said that Queen Mimi had a stand-in for performance, so that could’ve played a role. Should Mariah take a leap off her high horse and just take responsibility? Or was it really sabotage? #TellUsHowYouReallyFeel

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