March is Women’s History Month — Who’s Your Fave History-Maker?

Written by on 8 March 2016

Are you ready to celebrate some great women in history? Here you go because March is the month to celebrate all the extraordinary women, well-known or otherwise, who made history, broke barriers and left the world a little bit better having been here. Whether it was politics, science and technology, fashion or cultural, these women have proven that women don’t have to be limited by expectations. They weren’t afraid to just do them and tell others to fall in line and watch them work!

Who are some of your favorite history-makers? Are they somebody where everybody knows their name or are they somebody more obscure who touched you personally? No matter your choice, honor them in March and year-round for their nerve and uniqueness. And don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from them because you don’t have to affect or inspire the entire world, you just need to make a significant enough impact. In fact, you could making history at this very moment!

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