Love is in the Air, But Not for Domestic Violence Victims

Written by on 10 February 2016

It seems like almost every day we are hearing about some high-profile athlete, celebrity or personality committing acts of domestic violence. Despite the bevy of ads, PSA’s and slogans, this crime doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Just a few weeks ago, a former member of the group, Jagged Edge, admitted to brutally attacking his fiancée-turned-wife a few years ago. His excuse? He found out his father had cancer, so he got high. The wife admitted she was hurt but loved him and took him back. The ongoing Johnny Manziel saga is keeping domestic violence front and center in the spotlight. From all accounts, he’s attacked and terrorized his girlfriend several times with basically no repercussions.

When these incidents populate our consciousness, all too often the victim seems to get blamed. Well, she must’ve made him mad. She got what she deserved. She should’ve fought back. She should’ve left. He’s going through a lot. He didn’t mean it. He has money, so what is she complaining about?

Domestic violence is wrong, plain and simple. No one deserves it and it shouldn’t be tolerated. Domestic violence victims are just that – victims. Where’s the love and concern for them? The perpetrators need love and support as well to stop the pattern of abuse. However, we need to pay more attention and provide more support to the victims and show them we do care and they’re not just another nameless, faceless victim.

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