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Written by on 20 September 2016

Though they weren’t on Tha Afterparty Radio’s Run The Beat Cypher original roster, three rappers came to show up, show out and put their names on the map. Their names? P90, Lil Mike 23 and Draper, all hailing from Louisiana, came to represent The Boot and their own brand of rap. Although they are under the same management, each rapper has a unique take on his style, the music business, their motivation and goals.

Lil Mike 23

Baton Rouge native, Lil Mike 23, bases his rap on reality, the struggle of real life. Even though he’s been rapping in some form or another his whole life, he’s started to take it seriously the last 8 years. With a hardscrabble background, Mike knows the importance of hard work and has dealt with his fair share of hard times. While Mike sees rap as his outlet, he is motivated and influenced by the important people in his life.

“I’m motivated by my kids. I do this for the fans — if I can just touch one person. I want to change lives and want them to feel good about life, period,” Mike explained.

Mike hopes that in the next few years that he’s established himself as a premier artist and wants to be sound and healthy, body, mind and financially. In the meantime, Lil Mike 23 is passionate about his craft so he practices and performs regularly. He’s recently performed at shows in Lil Rock, Arkansas and has projects and singles like “Microphone Jordan,” “3peat” and more in the works.

Lil Mike 23 can be found on Instagram @s4_lilmike23, and his signature single, “Act Right,” can be viewed on YouTube at his station Lil Mike 23. Check it out below.


Hailing from New Orleans, P90 is no stranger to the struggle where he has lost friends and associates to “the system” and has seen his share of people locked up. These types of situation, along with growing up in some of the toughest projects in the city, have motivated P90 to rap and to continue to evolve.

“It was like being in a 3rd world country,” P90 explained about his upbringing.

Drawing his inspiration from local New Orleans artists, P90 has been rapping since he was 9 years old because he believed in himself and knew he had a God-given talent.

“I believe in God. I believe in my gift. I’m gifted,” P90 plainly stated.

Most importantly of all, P90 believes in telling the truth through his raps where he refuses to lie or embellish. Though he raps about his life, he’s motivated by his surroundings and loved ones, as well.

“I want to get my team on—everybody. Sometimes in the pain and what’s going on around me, the music just helps.”

Always honing his craft, P90 continues to do shows throughout the South and has the mixtape, “Born 2 Lose, Built 2 Win,” which fans can listen to and other new projects in the near future.

P90 can be found on Instagram @bnc_p90. His single, “Owe Nobody Nothing,” can be viewed on YouTube. Check it out below.


From the small Louisiana town of Donaldsonville, Draper has been rapping “forever” by seeing others in his ‘hood freestyling, but he chose to kept his talents to himself for a while.

“I knew I could do it, and one day, I just popped a wheelie and did it,” Draper explained.

Since rap is a huge part of Draper’s life, a lot of his rhymes come from his own experiences where things weren’t always so easy, including when he went to prison at the age of 16. Instead of letting his stint do him, Draper started writing and sharing his experiences.

“I wasn’t afraid of it. I’m telling you about it – running through the projects, the highs and the lows and everything in between.”

Draper has the most respect for the rappers that are hungry, raw and “not shiny,” which Draper can relate to since his life is an open book in his raps. In fact, Draper sees himself as a mentor to other up-and-coming rappers.

“I don’t plan on closing the door on another rapper. I just tell them the truth about the rap game. They respond to it more,” Draper explained.

One of the highlights of Draper’s career has been working with Houston rapper, Scarface. He has “Nightmare on 6th Street” coming out on October 31. Draper can be found on Instagram @draper6nb and on YouTube as Draper Joshua and fans can check out “Shake the Block Back.” Check it out below.

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