Leather/Latex & Spankings—Oh, Yeah! Fetishes on “Talking Dirty After Dark”

Written by on 13 August 2016

Do you have a fetish? Even if you did, would you admit you had one? Everybody’s not so open about talking about them but leave it to your no holds barred hosts at “Talking Dirty After Dark” to bring them to the light. In fact, they’re having a 4-part series where there’ll explore a number of fetishes from the kind of tame to the truly wild! First on the chopping block are spandex/leather and spanking fetishes. That’s right—leather isn’t just for fashion and latex isn’t just for condoms! And, when it comes to spankings, they’re not just a punishment for naughty kids but can be a pain-pleasure principle for naughty adults, as well! Fetishes aren’t usually discussed openly because by their very nature, they can be a little weird. Yeah, some can be weird, but that’s okay—nothing’s off topics with “Talking Dirty After Dark” as you should be well aware of by now. Check out this hot topic this Sunday beginning at 8 pm. And it’s always more fun with your input, so call in and share, share, share! See ya at the party!

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