Kendrick Lamar is the Real MVP

Written by on 16 February 2016

Although he swept the rap categories as many predicted, Kendrick Lamar not only made his presence felt with his music prowess at the Grammys but he made the plight of blacks in this country very real with his stirring performances. Not one to take the easy road and duck confrontation, Kendrick took the Grammy audience and the TV audience into the life and struggles of a black man in modern-day America with prison blues and chains on. Kendrick challenged the sensibilities of the viewers with what it means to be black today in America, where we are and how far we’ve got to go. This was more than just music; it was a statement. It was an affirmation that we’re not colorblind; we’re not post-racial; we haven’t made it. Kendrick proved what so many of us already know but what so many of us fail to realize and for that, Kendrick Lamar, you are the real MVP.

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