Just Because You’re Black Doesn’t Mean You Have to Say Bill Cosby is Innocent

Written by on 26 May 2016

Yes, that’s right. Just because you’re black and Bill Cosby is black doesn’t mean you have to expound his so-called innocence at every turn. Of course, there have been too many black men to name who have fallen victim to an unfair and unjust legal system. However, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the facts of the Cosby case to somehow get justice for those men.

For years and years, there have been loud whispers, rumors and innuendo about Cosby’s extracurricular activities and because he was “America’s father,” most people turned a blind eye. Woman after woman complained about him, tried to get her story out into the public eye and even filed reports and filed lawsuits. The result? The victims were dismissed as “liars” and subjected to claims of “another attempt to bring down another good black man.”

No, it seems like Cosby is guilty as sin and the society who adores him so has enabled him to be this monster, where he’s even admitted to some of these horrendous activities under oath. As a black person, absolving him in the face of all of this evidence isn’t helping the betterment of the race. It’s helping no one. And worst of all, it really just makes you look like a racist at the very moment you are trying to seemingly combat what you view as racism. Ain’t that irony?

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