It’s Time to Stop Playing with Chris Brown

Written by on 22 February 2017

America loves to give its celebrities a second chance, and third chance, and fourth chance, etc, etc. Yeah, yeah, everybody deserves a chance to correct their wrongs, get things together and express remorse and seek some sort of forgiveness. But, when is enough enough? How many times are the public going to have to give Chris Brown a chance? After his tearful “apology” at the BET Awards several years ago, it seems like all was forgiven. However, reality continues to rear its ugly head.

At this point, even Team Chris is going to have to admit that the allegations, the convictions, the restraining orders and subsequent trials of Brown are beyond the norm and show a dangerous pattern. His history of abuse against women have been more than documented. The physical violence, the threats and the laissez-faire attitude towards women all point to the obvious — Chris is a danger to women and obviously himself.

When you have the audacity to go on camera and laughingly say that you’re going to make a woman miserable for breaking up with you and admit to stalking and threats, that’s no laughing matter. Domestic violence is a very real matter and should never be taken lightly. At some point, Brown is going to have to face serious consequences before there’s a point of no return.

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