Is There a Cut-off Age for Being a Rapper?

Written by on 4 April 2016

We probably all know that one person who has called him/herself a rapper for years but has never quite made any real inroads. They may have released a few songs over the years, made a video or two and maybe even made a mixtape or three, but nothing has really hit. At a certain age, should that person call it quits? Is rapping a young person’s game and at a certain age, is it time to retire?

Rap, like the music game in general is fickle, and you never know who’s the next big thing. There might be something said for those who are doggedly persistent and keep on trying even when those around them tell them it’s time to hang up their mic and get realistic. Just because you don’t make it at 19 doesn’t mean you can’t make it big at 32. On the flip side, a 43-year-old rapper may look out of place in a world dominated by teens and 20-somethings. What do you think – always pursue your dreams or give up at a certain point?

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