Is the War on Drugs Just a War on Black Folks?

Written by on 15 September 2016

In a new video, Jay Z labels the so-called war on drugs as an outright failure and basically racist, which many minorities can personally attest to. While it’s a fact that the rate of drug use among different races is basically proportionate, minorities, especially blacks, are targeted much more frequently. With higher arrest rates, lengthier prison sentences, heftier fines and so on, blacks seem to bear most of the brunt of the war on drugs. However, the war seems to be less about getting drugs off the streets and people clean, but more about incarcerating and punishing blacks at a higher rate.

Not only do these arrest records keep folks in prison for a significant amount of time, but the ramifications are even longer lasting. It’s harder to get jobs, decent housing and basically build a life. Is it time to call off the war on drugs? Has it been a failure? Is it meant to keep black folks and other minorities down?

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