Is “The Perfect Match” the “Perfect Movie” for You? Maybe…

Written by on 10 March 2016

“The Perfect Match” follows a familiar recipe. A care-free Lothario who’s had his share of women, but who’s getting to the point where it might be time to settle down. After all, his friends, sister and seemingly the universe are encouraging “one woman and one woman only.” And then, the universe comes through and supplies his perfect match…maybe. Will he finally fall in love or will he get a taste of his own medicine? You’ll have to wait until the end to find out!

While the movie can get a little sappy and ridiculous at times with beautiful women throwing themselves at Terrence J left and right (really?) and men getting together to have boy-time talking about their underwear, love and feelings, there are some shining moments. There’s plenty of laughs, some solid performances, especially by Donald Faison, and a nice, little plot twist to keep you intrigued. A classic boy-meets-girl love story with a bit of a modern twist adds to its appeal.

A date movie? Yes. A couples’ movie? Yes. A girls’ night out? Yes. A manly movie? Not really. Particularly stimulating? No. All in all, it’s worth a trip to the movies.

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