#TellUsHowYouReallyFeel … Is Picking Sides After A Split Immature Or Legitimate?

Written by on 7 June 2013

This week our #TUHYRF comes from our “Party Mail” from a listener in Tennessee.

Letter to my ex-friend:

Ok. Firstly, I don’t expect my best friends to disown the same people I disown or even to feel the same way about someone that I do just because I’m pissed off and angry at said person but there is something ridiculously jacked up about a “best friend” who keeps in touch with every ex I’ve ever had and every other ex friend of mine that has since been cut off because they messed me over. I mean really … are you that pathetic that you need to pick up my leftovers instead of finding your own dysfunctional douchebaggish people to plague your life? Didn’t ever click that I got rid of these leeches and booted them up out my life for a reason huh? You are really, really dumb!  You always seem so surprised when my leftovers do $!cked up shat and say $!cked up things about you and your $!cked up life. What’s funny is that it makes you the only fuck up present…Stupid.

Secondly, I hate your face. Get a new one.

Thirdly, hanging out with an elf and a doughnut muncher does not make you a cool kid.

Fourthly, talking to my gay ex-fiance and my ex midget pot head boyfriend about what i’m doing in my life only makes you look like the creepy stalker. You do realize that they’re not your friends right? This is not casual conversation…they’re using you for information about me. Umm  Duh.

Fifthly, this makes you a pathetic uncool kid.

Sixthly, Shut up. Kill yaself.

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