Is Latest Kanye Album Going to be the ‘Best Album of All Time?’ #TellUsHowYouReallyFeel

Written by on 25 January 2016

In typical Kanye West fashion, he tweeted that he’s “so happy to be finished with the best album of all time,” alluding to his 7th studio album titled, “Swish.” It’s going on 3 whole years that the masses have had to deal with Kanye not dropping an album, so Kanye has to deliver. Due to his big ego, we wouldn’t expect anything less than greatness from the highly-acclaimed rapper, but has all the delays diminished some of his shine? Have other rappers like Kendrick Lamar taken some of his spotlight? Well, only the numbers will tell since numbers never lie.

Are you excited about the new Kanye album? Have you been anticipating it or did you not even know it was coming out? #TellUsHowYouReallyFeel

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