Is it Time to Drop the ‘Plus-Size’ Label?

Written by on 25 April 2017

For the longest, we’ve only seen models gracing covers of the world’s most popular magazines and stomping the runways, who were impossibly thin and whose body types were seen as virtually unattainable by 99% of the population. However, with shifting public sentiment, more and more BBW, curvy models or “real-sized” models are being embraced by the fashion industry and the masses alike.

While some of these so-called plus-sized models are anything but plus-sized when viewed against the norms, some of these models are farther outside of this realm in categories that would typically label them as overweight or obese, or that politically incorrect f-word, fat. Many of these models spark controversy, where they are accused of promoting an unhealthy lifestyle and normalizing it in the process. Should these models’ confidence and body types be embraced just like an underweight model’s would be? Are they setting a bad example? Is there room for more than one body type? Should the “plus-size” label be dropped altogether?

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