International Women’s Day” Theme #BeBoldForChange

Written by on 8 March 2017

To highlight women’s rights and the fight for equality, International Women’s Day is celebrated each March 8. A fight for full and equal rights is never-ending and takes on an even more profound meaning this year, as attacks from women seem to be coming from every direction, including governments, the healthcare industry, the workplace and even where women should be the safest of all, at home, all over the world.
With this year’s theme of #BeBolfForChange, the aim is to level the playing field at work where men are still disproportionately in leadership roles and are paid more even when men and women have equal experience and education. Regardless of a woman’s color, creed, religion, social class or anything else that divides us, women share certain similarities and a shared history that should be celebrated each and every day for women to get their fully-deserved equal rights. Be a part of the fight and celebrate the women in your life and who have made a difference in your world.

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