‘Insecure’ is Show that Allows Black Women to Be Black & Women

Written by on 25 July 2017

“Insecure” is perfectly flawed, perfectly messy and perfectly perfect with its realer than real take on millennials, black women, relationships stereotypes and culture all perfectly meshed together to form a show that we haven’t seen the likes of before. Sharp, witty, clever and funny AF, “Insecure” touches a spot that other shows have failed to where black women are allowed to be both black and women and embraces all of the nuances, complexity and wrecked nerves that it entails.

“Insecure” is that show where you can watch Issa and her cast on their journeys as they get increasingly more complex. That show where just when you think things are going to make a turn for the better, here’s just one more thing. That show that is a little unpredictable but predictable enough that you can guess the next move by a gesture, eyeroll or stammer before the character can and you love and embrace that power. That show where you both root for Issa, but you are quick to point out where she f’d up and be like, “Girl, really?” That show where you can proudly scream that you’re “Insecure” and be damn proud of it. That show where you can be messy, petty, flawed and overall human with nary a care. That show where you don’t feel so alone about talking in the mirror or being awkward or straddling the line of the black and white worlds with an uneasiness ease.

Yes, “Insecure” is that show that epitomizes Black Girl Magic in all its beauty and splendor.

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